Thursday, January 19, 2006
Dear blog

Hahahah!!! How long never update. Haiya. Lemme continue.

16th of December, the day that my beloved grandmother left us peacefully. It was my first death experience. Unfortunately, I was at KL wen she passed away. Didnt manage to apologise to her, to see her and to kiss her for the last time. I wasnt there to be there for my parents n my siblings wen they cried, esp my mum. I know it hurts her so much. Well, I managed to kiss my grandma in my dreams. I missed her so much. Last two nights, I cried in my sleep. Gonna miss her love, her hug, her warm kiss on my cheeks... It hits me that she's not gonna be here with us anymore. Instead, she will be looking down at us from the heavens above. Many times, I think about her and send my 'al-fatihah' to her. After prayers, pray to Him to rest her soul inpeace, forgiver her sins and be gone to a better place. Partlt, its ok if He would take her with him cos He love her more than us. Furthermore, she had been suffering with her illness for these few years and I definitely sun want her to suffer no more. Pity my grandad. For now, I kow that he is alone and he miss my grandma. They had always been there for each other for so many years. I want my grandad to be happy again. Haiz. During Hari Raya Haji, we visit him. The atmosphere in the house is so different without my grandma around. He cried after the maghrib prayers when he 'takbir' after that and my dad joined him too.

Some good things have changed my family. Somehow, I guessed, my mum's prayers have been answered: which is for my dad to change. I thank God for that. He started to pray every day. I cried happy tears wen it happens. When all of us is in the house, the whole family will pray together for maghrib and send 'Yasin' to my grandma. I am so proud of my father. He had made a tremendous change. Very very proud. I noticed his attitude changed to. He become more patient nowadays.

Alhamdullilah! God gave me the strength to move on. For the past 2 months, I had no difficulties to wake up for Subuh prayers and I had been praying five times every single day wen Im at home. My mum said, Alhadullilah! One of the reasons for me to do so, was because of my grandma and many of the reasons is because I wanted to do it at my own will and sincerity. The peace was great. Indescribable. Everybody can change to the better but it's only a matter of time. My mum always say. Have all the fun if you want to but don't leave the simple task that God ask you to do. He moved me.

My mum just got retrenched. I got a bit panicked & a bit stressed up for awhile. But in the afternoon juz now, she was called up for an interview on her previous workplace. She called and tole me she got it and she started her training juz now. ThankGod! My dad is still at Shop N Save, doing night shifts. Doing fine. Jun is still schooling n currently not working. If can, I want her to take a part time job and earn her own money. She's a bit choosy about jobs. Cant force her. Fadzil is happy in his new school. Glad that he gt a nearby schol. Dilah is doing ifne in school. Bz with her band and her ACS thingy. She said she have to go for TAF club cos seriously, she's growing. She couldn't control her meals sometimes. My dad got a nickname for her. 'Penyu'. Cos cant really see her neck, its shrinking! Hahahah!! I guess she's growing and very soon, maybe, she's gonna get her menses. Just look at the way she eats. Im very stressed about money. Nothing new right? Gepeng. Kering. Broke. Haiz! So guys, if wanna ajak lepak or nak gi warung and I say cannot, undastand undastood aite. Btw, cut my hair short oredi and its rebonded. Thought after cut hair, throw 'suay'. New 'suays' keep on soming in. Haiya! Sabar Aida!

On monday, my first midnite shift after so many months. SO Syiokkk!! Midnight at T1DT, time run fast sia. Tup Tup! *o'clock oredi. hahaah! N yeah, Yuhanis got a job at Swensens. Happy for her. Go get some experience. Dun be such a lazy bum, doing nothing. Her comment was, its tough. Hahah!!! Better get use to it, sista!

..:: Insyallah, having a family pit next Sat & Sun. Will update.

..:: Cut my hair oredi! Haha!! I like it. My mum say i look like a boy. That was such a turn off. But I got lotsa compliments abt it. Hehe!

..:: Money! Money! Money! where's da money!

..:: This Sat is my grandma's 40th day that she left us. Gona do a kenduri for her.

..:: If all is good, im gonna have a double date this SUn. Hahah!!! Will update again.

..:: So So So proud of my dad. A Little change can make a HUGE difference.

..:: Miss my grandma so much!!

Adios Amigos!!!

~~ ms Aida~~

9:39 AM

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
A big HI to mr blogger here. Hw u Doing? Good? I'll sweep up the dust n cobwebs, no worries. *cough*cough*.... Hahahahaa!!! Ive not been blogging for so many months man. So many months!!

Hmmm.... wad is there to tell. So far, my life has been pretty much the same. Still looking for full time job, still doing my part time job. My dad had been working at Shop N Save for a few mths oredi, n we r doing well. Not SO well, but we r settling down slowly. Glad tt thgs work out fine. N moz probably me n my homies will be moving to Elias Road. Quite near not that far from my current place. But we will be moving to my aunts' plc, so she's moving sumwhr else. I can wait for that now cos i really luv my current home now, not so sunyi, no worries abt me going home so late thoh. hehe!!

I met kak elly juz. Its been after 2 mths since i've met her. Its so nice to see her thoh. Miss her deeply. We were talking a bit on some hot topics (hahha!!) Cant really talk with her so much cos she's working. Kak, we should meet up sumtyme next week, juz the 2 of us. Set? I guess we still have loads to talk abt. Furthermore, she watching 'ayam kechik' with jeryl. So, i told her i go off first. wakakka!! (u noe y la kak eh!)

Oh yeah, my bro got his PSLE results oredi. the aggrigate is not that good thoh. He's going in Normal Technical. Im juz grateful that he will be able to cont to secondary 1. Alhamdulilah! I wont ask for much. But my advise to him is to improve on the grades for sec 1 or sec 2, so that there will be hope to cont to Normal Acad. Juz for 2 yrs, study hard. Prove to my parents that he can go further n he knows his own responsibilities, cos i told him, all in all, its for his own good. Talking abt him, will be going to Esplanade tmrw w him to meet up w a bunch of dancers for sum dance meeting or practice. According to him, this group will be performing for Dancework 2006. Im not sure if i wanted to join onot, but my bro had been bugging me to join. I see first la ah. There's like, 13 to 15 members in the group, but i guess only selected members will be dancing for the Dancework 2006. I cant wait to see how the group will be like ltr. A bit nervous cos i duno anybody in the group. Dun feel like gg oso. But wen there's the opportunity, grab it. Hahahah!!

Quite recently, im feeling a bit shitty, about the job that i juz get. My job scope is to do the stocks for this particular company. I hate the job cos i think to me, the management sux. Wen i went to the counter, nobody told the staff that im new n they expect me to know many thgs. I dun mind the opening of boxes n taggings, but its so shitty wen u have to do the 35 cartons alone, have to stack up the boxes in the storeroom n sum oder shits. N im so damn pissed wen they put me in a storeroom, whr there's a few pakciks gatals in the room, looking at my every move. Furthermore, the damn company is making great money n they can onlyafford to put one Counter Support Staff for one outle. How lame is That?!?! The job is boredom n fucked up cos u gotta do everythg alone n u will be the most quietest creature of the entire shopping mall cos u r hoping to finish up Everythg b4 ur shift ends. Its pathetic man. My mistake was to sign a contract on my first day wen i started the job. My dad told me y is it that i have to sign a contract on the first day, cos usually its a few weeks or a mth or so, to make sure that the job is ok for u den u sign the contract. But this is diff. my dad told me wen he heard that i have to sign my contract on the first day of my job, he had a funny feeling. he said that this management really need ppl, so that means the job sux n not many ppl will last in that position for the company. Guess wad? the contract that i signed was for 1 year. Ive only worked for 2 days n ever since i had been MIA. I 'terminate' myself. Hahahaha!!! Im juz getting ready for the compensation. But wad the hell. Its not worth staying for but its worth to compensate for. Lucky its only 900 bux, n i have to pay back 40% to 50% of that. For sure, im not gonna make it for a year sei.

Emotionally, after wad happened abt this fucked up job, im so disappointed in myself. I feel so stupid, so gullible, so ashamed n so full of regret. Aku dengarkan ajelah ape si agency tu ckp, mcm budak pandai. I shlda listen to my dad. I shlda think hard hard abt it in the first plc. I blew it this time round. I feel so disappointed in myself cos i've disappoint my parents. I told them i will get a perm job to upgrade my salary n basically, to make them happy. But instead this is wad happens. Im so ashamed w all my frens, my family, my relatives cos i was SOOOO excited wen i got the job. BUt wad now? I quit the job, i resigned myself. Cos i hate it. I didnt even give myself 1 week to bear w it. Juz 2 days n the next thg i noe is, i went out to meet my frens the next day, cos the more i sit at home, i'll get more tense. Believe it onot, on my last day, juz after i left from work, i sat at Mac Shaw n juz brokedown. Alone. I kept n tearing till i was sobbing. Realli, man. Cos of wad im feeling emotionally abt the whole thg. Its juz a HUGE disappointment. Quite recently, wen i went out w my frens, i had a breakdown again, in frt of 3 of my buddies. they were consoling me n saying to take it positively, juz take it as a lesson learnt. So malu to cry in frt of dem. Hahahha!!! Thx loads guys! Lesson learnt: Dun trust agencies so much. U mite have a breakdown juz like mua. wakkakaka!!!!

The funny part is, my initial plan is to apply for Learn As You Earn, under ITE dis month, doing Operation Accomodation, n will be bonded w the company for 3 years. Is thinking of doing so cos its an easier to get another job but at the same time, i will gain more knowledge abt the job, cos i will be trained. N 2 of my fren was asking me, y do u have to accept this job from the agency wen u oredi noe wad to do to get a much better opportunity dis month. I look at them n i shrugged. Hahahha!!! Im a very curious person, so basically i wanted to noe how the job is like. But its so not cool to try it now cos its a 1 yr contract n im putting myself at risk. Ppl say, curiosity kill the cat. there i go... Juz got 'killed' by my curiosity. Padan muka gue!!

Do i find anybody special yet? No la... whr got. Ive not been blogging for so many mths oredi but im still the same person. n im still single n can mingle ard... hhahaah!! Good thg abt being single. Im loving it rite now. But... hmmm... i think i like someone la. Wont say whooooo... Hahahha. Fikiranla korang.

Selamat Ber-Guessing!!!

..:: Cant wait for chalet this sat, can see evrybody. Yippee!! ::..

..:: Hopefully my dad let me sleepover for sat cos i wanna ::..

..:: My frens, pls download Babyface, The Loneliness. Sedih giler. Boleh berlinang airmata ::..

..:: Same old story. Boy meets girl n she falls much harder than him. Haiz ::..

..:: Thinking of him ::..

~~ Ms AIDA ~~

9:42 AM

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
hie. have not been blogging cos im lazy. so far, im doing fine for nw. n juz a little less down.

im totally fucked up nw. had a HUGE fight with my motherfucking snobby bitch sister. amazingly, she dare to use words wit me. She treats me like im her younger sister, there's totally no respect from her at all. She's not like any other girl i noe, not even my younger sister. I juz dunno whr she came from. So far, she's being the biggest bitch with all of us. i call her a bitch once to my fren. N my fren ask how can i say that. simply, i answered, cos she's one. she's obviously the one. she dare to spat filthy words at me, she dare to shout at me.To all the elder sisters in the world, do u mind having this kind of treatment from your younger sister? Do u even mind? this is the reason why i always keep myself quiet wen my sibs argue, cos i noe once i start wit her, its gonna be goddamn ugly. Very ugly. I dun usually flare. But if i did, its juz not a nice scene. N wen im angry wit her, esp her. My blood juz boils to the tip of my head. Many times i kept quiet, even thoh im angry. its hard. many times, i felt like slapping her, or throw her to the wall. many times i feel like spanking her till she bled. many times i feel like dragging her by the hair n throw her face in the mirror. I know, its horrid n gruesome n cruel. This is juz how much i accumulated my anger n patience wit her. everytime wen we argue, i told her if she get other elder siblings besides me, they will definitely do those cruel things to her oredi.

For all my 20 yrs, ive never seen a two faced person like her. She's very very nice to the people outside, e.g my aunts, uncles, cuzzins, her frens. Wah, she's like this angel who listens to them, if they ask a favor, she'll do. if only she's easy wit us. she seldom larf wit us, seldom share stuff wit us. many times, juz gv us her cold shoulders to us. sumtimes, wen we hv outings wit them, it juz hurts me to see tt she get along with the rest very well. wen my cuzzins ask quest, she'll reply nicely. but wen my sibs ask quest, she usually reply in a very harsh way. which to me is totally unecessary for her to do that. One THG which really triggers me is wen she put her hands onmy sibs. TT, i cant take it. once they start crying, i'll go up to her n start arguing. but if my parents are at home, i let them do the walking and talking. im angry but i wont do anythg. i'll juz sit back n enjoy the sounds of my parents giving some nice scoldings to her. she deserves that. everytime wen i argue wit her, she'll always say, its fadilah's or fadzil's fault. N i always say, so wad, she's the eldest n she should give in n ask her wad have i been doing all this years? n she'll always gv me da bitchiest response, itu kau punyer pasal la. I told her one reason i wanna go out is bcos of her. cos wen she's in the house, smthg is always wrong. her response was, itu kau punyer pasallah, kau memang irresponsible. See wad i mean? she dare to spat those words at me. I juz gt tt irresponsible part from her juz nw, i juz sat down n juz shake my head. i say, fine say wad u wanna sae. den, she'll gv me this bitch look n juz roll her eyes at me. feel like slapping her, rite? i notice fadilah is beginning to be like her n i definitely want a big Stop on that. bcos of her responses to fadilah, now she apply it to me or my bro. Gosh!! Wad da heck is happening? anyways, as usual, me n her started our huge fight cos i heard my sis crying. as usual, cant take it, so i do my thing.

im out....

~~ ms.aida ~~

12:03 AM

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Allah selamatkan Fadzil.... hahhaha!!! it my bro's bday today n he's 12. he's a teen. damn!! n im no longer one. Anyways, wish him a very happy birfday n wish him all the best in his coming prelims n PSLE. *muackzzz* Actually his bday was yday, 11 July.

Anyway, i started my shift today, at 8 am, at Singapore Post. Guess who i saw!!!!! Sarah!!! hahaha.... i forgot she works dere. n her regular order is, white chocolate dream ice blended with a shot of espresso. she still look the same old sarah that we knew. Good ole Sarah!!

Last nite, to think of doing attachment at Sp was a big drag!! I dunno y, im like so not ready for it. Maybe have not been working there for 2 yrs plus, so partly juz a lil bit nervous. cos i dunno who im gonna work with n wads gonna happen. i only slept for 45 mins last nite sia!! Wad da hell!! Am i insomniac? I hope not. i gotta change my sleeping time soon. So, i went to work, feeling a bit sleepy n a bit queasy. Queasy cos a bit nervous. hahaha!! I thot i work wit Chandra, but i work wit Elsie, the AM there, wit a 2 staffs n a trainee. My day at SP turns out fine. Dunno wad am i dragging abt. Elsie is a nice person n she's fine to work with. She always smiles, also frenly. N on wed, im gonna work morn at SP wit her again.

Stocks in the morning wasnt tt bad. Not so many thgs like T2d. N i help them to unpack n top up the cakes n muffins. Half of the day, im like, bored, always searching thgs to do. sumore wit only a 45 mins sleep last nite, wd more can i get? hahaha... Wen Elsie told me to go for break, i didnt even eat, but only drink ice water. I have no appetite, cos by 12pm, im so sleepy. Before i start my shift again, i wash my face den feeling fresh again. Walking around to find things to do. At last, told elsie, i'll cut the papers for her cos there's no more papers. Half of the day, was kinda bored. till abt 1 wen ppl will start coming in for lunch or to juz get drinks. N i had been promoting the chocolate caramel cake... hahha!!! cos its nice la n i personally like it. Cannot eat too much, cos its sweet n i will be dizzy. So, ppl start coming in since till i end my shift at 4. I was the happiest girl in the outlet to go home early cos im SLEEPY!!! Dun get me wrong, it was fine at SP :D ( alot of stupid n silly thgs happen to me at the outlet cos lacking of sleep. ahahah!!! so nice of elsie n aisyah to undastand me.heheh!!) By the time i reach Pasir Ris interchange, i really cant open my eyes. i was zombified. even after my break, elsie told me i look stoned. hahha! N she keep on larfing at me, cos i think i look fani. ive bn trying so hard to keep a straight face but i cant la. LOL!! Cant help it if i look so stoned...

Reach hm at 5, didnt even shower, change to my shorts den sleep. Slept till 9. I woke up cos i was feeling hungry. I didnt eat the whole day but juz drink ice water. Tu pun, balik still 'buat business'. hhahaha!! I was damn hungry, but i shared my rice n fadzil n dilah. Talking abt food, today my mum cook a lil bit special cos its my bro's bday. she cook Nasi kuning with lauk ayam (dunno wad lauk is tt but its so freaking nicee!!!) n sambal goreng. Her famous sambal goreng!! Yummy...

Den, after tt, i juz thot tt i can get a peacful nite. All my siblings started to argue n quarrel. Wad da hell!! the 3 siblings.. first of all, i wasnt involved. but the second eldest, in the room, cant even used her freaking brain to not get involved in the quarrel. I noe once she's involved, thgs will get damn ugly. cos my younger sibs, dun like it, wen the argument involves her. She always put up this muthafucking stuck up bitchy attitude tt i dun like, infact many of us dun like. She even talks like a fucking bitch. Menyampah siak!! many times i cant stand her sia. Yday nn, she oredi nt in gd terms wit us. N my mum started to shout n scolded her. I cldnt stand it, lucky i went out to mit my frens last nn. Haiz... She is a BIG challenge to me, u noe. Bcos of her, i noe hw to be patient n ctrl my anger. So, there r pros n cons. Anyways, i will try to sleep early.. but dun think cn, cos i had my nap juz nw.

Im out...

~~ ms.aida ~~

12:34 AM

Thursday, July 07, 2005
Happy birFday to MEEEEEE!!! hahahhaha.... im oredi 20, n i sooooo cannot believe it. see how fast time flies!! my frt digit is now a 2, not a 1 anymore. teenage days r over. those r like my rollercoaster rides. lots of ups n downs n around n around. haiz...!!

irene n farid oredered a cake for me earlier n we had a small celebration at t1tw. it was pretty cute. we had to sing the birfday song so softly, cos we dun wanna get anyone's attention. hahahha. after i made my wish, i cut the cake to a very small square. n the best part is, within the small square, i cut them into tiny smaller squares n we shared them. we were larfing cos the cake is huge but we still cut into a smaller squares n divide them into 5. larfing n at the same time pop the cake in our mouth. ahhaha... chocolate butter... hmmm, nice!! but believe it or not, i only ate a bite cos its so damn sweet.. even kak nor ate a bite.lotsa icing!! irene, fauzi n farid ate a few more. gave sm to shareen n rodiVa, gave a bit more to Saleha n Gayathri n Salihin. i received sms from my frens wishing me hepi bdae. the moz unexpected person to wish me is (guys, believe it or not!!!) Bib!!! hahahha... n huda, thx for the sms... it so damn freaking lonngggg tt it continued to 5 times of sms... hahahah. Gal, i got a better idea. u cld write tt in my frenster. im so touched wit ur words, really!!! very2 touched. huda, u may be the quietest among us, but i really admire ur words or words of advise. maybe u didnt notice tt but Juz to tell u, it not only happen once or twice, in fact many times.wen da hell am i gonna get a real hug n kiss from u, man... hahhaha!

talking abt bib. dont noe whether u guys still remember fawie. she work at 7 -11 at airport again. in t1 transit. i saw her 3 days in a row. member keje mnite moz of the times. n she told me bib is joining her sumwhr next week at the same outlet. i guess we gonna see bib often in airport or once in a while. wen i see her, i think im gonna be a bit surprised. me n fawie were so surprised to see each other, n we like talk non stop, den she ask me this question which is kinda hard for me to answer, actually more to lazy la. hahah. she ask, eh korang semua maner menghilang sey? hahhaha.. i juz say we were bz n we were doing our own things, actually its more to eerrrr....eerrr.... hahhahaha!!!!

..:: im 20 today ::..

..:: pity shidah cos she wanna taste the cake, but wont c her till next week, i guess.. hehe ::..

..:: my sibs gave me bday cards n its so sweet n im like sighing. one of the card was written like dis:
S: So Kind
U: United
H: Happy
A: Always Grateful
I: Integrity
D: Dun be Angry...(this is farnie!!! hahaha..)
A: A nice person
H: Honest.... (im not TT honest)
to my adiks, i noe i nvr tell u all dis, but i really LUV u guys.. sob sob ::..
..:: Kakak really sayang U all ::.
~~ ms.aida ~~

3:17 AM

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
HELLO!! I juz got back from work. hehe... im too full. i ate roast beef sandwich at work. Sedappppppp..... Fuyo!!! Nice combi. Dijon sauce, lettuce, a few slices of roast beef, onion vinagrette n tomatoes. its delicious. been eating the sandwich for the past 2 days. i loike!

Juz now, i work wit kak nor. it was fun! juz the 2 of us, talking sum serious shit, at the same time, doing our jobs. tmrw, im gonna work wit her again, but she will be going back at 8pm. on wednesday, gonna see her again but she will only come at 8pm. she had been 12 hrs shift for the past 4 days. it was such a hectic. she worry too cos dun really have staff. sumtimes, a manager will be working alone. but she will try her best to get staff for her outlet.

at work, i ate roast beef sandwich twice. but the second time, i share wit farid. he juz started his shift, n he's oredi hungry. hahaha. den, da beef was expired last nite, so we had a roast beef fiesta at work. hahahha.. but i call it Deng Deng. hahhahaha... I scalded my hand juz now. it wasnt tt bad, but it juz gave me a moment of terperanjat, u noe. have not been scalded my hand for such a long time. Da kena, sedap dodz!! hahahha.. n hopefully, will not want that to happen again, no thank u. at least not so soon. hehe.

there's this ang moh customer who wanted to pay her latte with australian dollars. the amount will be abt abt AUS$4, by rite. instead, she gave me 90cents in SG, n da rest pay in Aussie. i cashed in 90 cents, n she have to pay me AUS$3.21. by rite, she have to pay AUS$4. at first she gave me AUS$3. after i cashed in tt, she only have to pay anoder 25 cents in SG. she's still fiddling her purse, n i told her, ma'am, its ok, i have 30 cents wit me, n i quickly took out from my pocket n put it in the cash register. she SAW wad i juz did n she insisted on giving me her remaining change, which consist of S$1.20 n AUS$1.20. i told her its ok, but she push the money to me. im like so malu!!! all kak nor did was juz larfing n smiling. hahaha.tts how much my 30 cents is worth for. tt was like wad? an instant karma. not to boast or wad, i did smthg nice to pay her extra change, n i got a nice gesture in return. Karma. i believe in that, ever since i noe the definition of it. i cldnt stop smiling after tt cos it happen instantly at the least unexpected times.

so, these r the thgs which happen to me at work today. i had fun at work. but i cldnt forget abt wad the ang moh juz did. its not abt her money, neither my 30 cents. Its karma. the highlighted event for the day. *smiles*

~~ ms.aida ~~

3:23 AM

Monday, July 04, 2005
hello ppl!! im back!!! as u can see, i have not been blogging for such a freaking long time, cos im so damn lazy too... n another thg, i dunno wad to write. a lot of things is going on in my head, but wld like to keep it to myself, for this mintime. maybe, not necessary to write it in either. many thgs i keep to myself.

my dear peeps, do u guys think im secretive? always keeping thgs to myself? One thing which, raihan, my bestfren sumtimes cldnt tolerate is abt me juz keeping quiet, thoh i got lotsa thgs in my head. i really luv my bestfren very much, till now. thoh we seldom contact. she's such a good reader. juz by the tone of my voice, she noes tt smthg is going on. i was juz in my normal cheery tone, she'll be like, smthg bothering u? many times if i say no, she'll let me be. but sumtimes, she'll be pressing me with, 'r u sure, aida? u dun have to lie to me, u noe. i noe u too well.' She's gd!!! during our sec sch days, wen smthg bothers me too much, but im juz being my normal self. wen its juz the two of us in the bus, after our frens get down at their bustops or wad, she'll ask me, Wad now? hahhaha... she's smthg. i still luv her till today. i think nobody can ever replace her. n i learn alot of thgs from her too. juz the gd ones, but a few not so gd ones. did learn to be sarcastic from her. not many ppl know hw sarcastic i can be, cos i dun really show it. but wen it cums to raihan, wen she's not hepi, she really talk w/o beralas. we r both bestfrens with totally diff personalities. both of us work well together to maintain our frenship. hahhaha... we r both fun. she never judge me. a real definition of a best fren.

this past few days, ive been seeing ppl whom suddenly will juz pop up in my head. example, had been thinking abt Naz n wonder whr she had been n also how she is, a few days after, i saw her at work. hahhahaha. so far. i met my old times sec sch close buddies, even my ITE classmates n schoolmates. im so glad to see them, esp Is. didnt expect to see her at t2d. Nw, she's working as a service passenger assistant. Good luck la gerl! Saw Mini, my modern dance mate in ITE, nw works in Fish & Co. she's starting school oredi in lasalle, to pursue herself in some dance thingy. Proud of her, cos knowing tt her parents r strict n wld not allow her to expose herself too much. told me tt she been thru alot to persuade her parents to let her join the dance course. not only her, even the teachers in ITE, persuade her parents abt it. im very happy for her n i noe she wil work hard for it. dancing's her passion. Good luck to u gerl!! the other day, saw Akbar at work. wasnt very hepi wit him for the past few mths cos of sm things. i kinda lose my trust in him. but i thk now thgs r back to normal. im gonna forget abt wad happen n juz get on wit life. cos really, i think i gt more impt thgs to handle. its not tt i dun bother but if thgs can be solve, den solve it. end of story. he approach me, im talking to him den everybody's hepi. stoopid him, remind me of those embarrasing moments during my sec sch days, in frt of his gf. kanasai!!! im red n cant stop larfing. even his gf cant stop larfing. thanks, akbar...

this past few days, ive been working n working, if nt working, have been handling thgs at home. recently, one of my close aunt, passed away. da day b4, i wasnt feeling so well, but i still wake up the next morning to attend her funeral, n still went to work in da noon. im very sorry to my frens who tag me to chill or warungs, but i keep on kenseling cos i cldnt make it. im so so sorry!!! i have not been chilling wit u guys for like 2 weeks i guess... hey, i miss u guys u noe. a lot!!!

my dad juz bought a new TV, new speakers, exchange to a digital set top box for the new TV. we juz move the furniture ard n kinda like the new positions. i loike! wen im not working or after work, will usually watch TV or juz read my bk. I used to be a freaking bookworm before. den after tt, lose the interest temp, now back to a bookworm again. i enjoy reading books n i miss tt. n reason im always working is of cos, cash but i guess i wanted to be alone moz of my time. quite a number of thgs in my head. (wldnt disclose it yet, or maybe...NEVER... hahhaha!!) sumtimes, i wld drop by at cafe galilee in Pasir Ris library, sipping n juz reading or listening to my mp3. at work, ive got to be there n juz talk to my frens or anybody ard me cos i dun want them to ask, wads wrong wit u? r u ok? sm of my frens r smart, they noe im not TT ok, so they let me be. but smhow still talk to me, cos definitely im not NOT so hepi bcos of them. At home, i have my family wit me, so i defintely dun really have my time alone. Dun get me wrong. Nobody's at fault, really. No one to blame, cos my relationship wit everybody is OK. I need time to be alone. in fact, luv to be alone, but cant do too often. Need fun in my life too... i do hv fun at work, but sumtimes drag myself to work. n many times i juz dun wanna be at home. hehehe!!!

so far, im doing fine n im ok. im not lost, but sumtimes i juz think too much. hahhaha... pros n cons to that. sumtimes can be too engrossed in my thots. Tmrw work wit Kak Nor!!! YAY!!!

..:: i miss An, miss her with every fiber of my being. hahahha... (Rite!!) ::..

..:: i miss chilling wit my gerls ::..

..:: luv the way i am now, being single n all ::..

..:: there are so many things i wish i could tell. so many feelings. so many thoughts. but words on their own can cause many faults ::..

~~ ms. aida ~~

2:27 AM


Aida! a name i often hear..Lost a words i always feel..Cheerful is always written on my face..Quiet is another side of me..Friends are those i rely on..Independent i can be one..Cute are words to desribe me..Coffee is somethin i am attracted to it..Black,white and red are my favourite color..simple things, i hate unpleasant scenes, even creating one myself, i can b caring, concern, frenly sumtimes shy, i can even b quiet...but i dun like it wen im quiet!!


i really luvvvvv kids.wen ppl is nice to me, i can treat them the way they want. If they treat me like dirt, ill still treat them nice, i let GOD do the bashing n thrashing on dem!! i can b patient n understanding, ppl can juz talk to me abt anything...n i dun mind at all. i can be humorous at time n create lame jokes, wen im tired or sleepy, i will laugh at anything, even thoh its not funny.and i definitely love dancing..


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